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Our goal as the premier location for auto body repair serving Dallas, TX is to make our customers feel right at home. Let’s face it…there are just not a lot of body shops out there that anyone can trust anymore. We’ve seen some of the worst practices over the years, such as those sloppy technicians who do just enough work so that whatever they supposedly “repaired” breaks in a few weeks and you have to come back and dish out more of your hard-earned dollars. Not only is this dishonest, but it is also very dangerous.

At Just In Time Auto, we frown intensely on those type of shops, and maintain our standards as the place for auto collision repair serving Dallas, TX who are committed to excellence. We are family owned and operated, and can repair all types of vehicles foreign and domestic. We have built a reputation in the community for always having diligent, professional technicians who do a full and complete job, never “patching up’ anything we do. Our technicians love their work, and strive for excellence in every service we perform.

Our services also include:

  • Minor and Major Auto Body Repair
  • Repair after a Collision
  • Excellent Paint Restoration
  • Unmatched Auto Detailing
  • Great Car Bumper Repair
  • Lovely Paintless Dent Repair
Many times our customers aren’t aware that we are such experienced specialists until they see our results with their own eyes. They come in for one thing, and return again and again to try out the rest of our services. At Just In Time Auto, that is our goal, to make you feel more and more welcome every visit. Come and see us at our auto body shop serving Dallas, TX today, where quality and value are always the name of the game.

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